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Note: Articles presented information that was new or trending at the time of the issues publication.

ROAM Magazine - Issue 4

Vacations are precious moments in time. Like the finest treasures, these experiences are things we value and hold close. Each time we travel, we’re able to expand our minds and explore new adventures. This issue dives into the hidden gem destinations and experiences that your travel agent can help you discover. It also features a look at the possibilities for romantic getaways–whether it’s a honeymoon, destination wedding, or simply a trip to celebrate love.

ROAM Magazine - Issue 3

Issue 3 of ROAM Magazine focuses on the desire to travel again and find ourselves in new, extraordinary places. For over a year, we’ve found ourselves spending every day in our homes. With work, school, and relaxation all taking place under one roof, the urge to escape has grown. Now, with a widely available vaccine, we’re ready to get away. This issue includes insider tips on travel, tv shows to inspire wanderlust, the best dining experiences in the world, and more. 

ROAM Magazine - Issue 2

Issue 2 of ROAM Magazine embraces making the most of life, wherever it has taken you in 2020. Our bucket lists got longer this year, but that means that 2021 and beyond are full of possibilities.

Tying together our epic vacation dreams with the realities of today, this issue provides inspiration for your future travels near and far, insights from travel professionals on what it’s like to travel right now, podcast recommendations to hold you over to your next trip, and more.

ROAM Magazine - Issue 1

In the midst of social and physical distancing, keeping in touch with one another has become more important than ever. As we work to keep the passion for travel burning brightly in the hearts and minds of travelers, we want you to be able to share the value of your hard work and dedication.

Introducing ROAM Magazine! An online magazine for all those who love travel and the joy it brings. This first issue of ROAM Magazine provides timely information and inspiration for your clients’ next getaways. Whether it’s next month or next year, when people are ready to travel again, travel advisors will be there.

ROAM Magazine

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